It’s on the market!

So the photos are done and the advertising campaign has started.  Last tiny little bit of work to be finished on Friday, then it’s over to the agent. I hope people are interested, I am so worried no one will bid at auction and we’ll be stuck with it. There’s talk that interest rates will come down next week so hopefully that will help us at least selling, not in the bank afterwards.

It’s out of our control now and I have to let it go.



There’s been a bit of hoo hah over the weekend after an interview with bloggers published by Fairfax had some serious factual errors. Blog land went a bit crazy. It was great to see the support for those wronged, but it kinda felt a bit like a gang I’m not part of. Obviously at this stage I’ve only written four posts and don’t claim or intend to be anything like in their league, but it confirms that niggling high school feeling of being slightly on the outer and being intimidated by those groups of friends who seem so solid. I’m a little intimidated to even comment on some of the blogs as they all seem so close.

I had a good circle of friends at high school but as a non blonde always felt a little offside, and never had a serious boyfriend. (God it sounds so petty now doesn’t it?) I see a couple of the girls occasionally but would be lucky to see them twice a year and we live in the same city. I was the only one of my friendship group who went to the uni I did, so I started again with friends but still felt not quite central. If you ask A what I was like, apparently a bit aloof but intriguing, which is a lovely way to say more of an observer than participator.

I think since then I’ve tried to include people and one of my energising things to do is to help others make connections – that introduction gives me such a buzz. I still have moments feeling left out, as I’m sure everyone does.

My intent for this blog is really to document our trip overseas, provide a place for our friends to keep up with our adventures and maybe share some other thoughts along the way. It’s not really intended to change the world. Perhaps I need to remember my own gang of friends is just enough for me.


This is not me. Far too happy.

To fund the US trip, we are selling the one bedroom flat I bought in my 20s. A and I had only been going out for a couple of months when I bought it and he slowly moved in.

After a summer with no TV to help him concentrate on his exams, (there’s a story for another post) it was too small for us to live in for much longer so we moved out.

It hasn’t been a great investment over the years but at least when we were living there we poured lots on the mortgage so now we’re selling at least the proceeds will help us get to the US.

I was raised in a house that was in a perpetual state of renovation, Dad was always doing bits in the shed on the weekend, and undertaking fairly major projects. I’ve decided that I really don’t get that satisfaction from doing major things myself. It takes a long time, I’m not very good at it, and juggling small kids, work and everything else, on occasion it’s been a bit overwhelming.

An apartment across the road with two bedrooms went for over $520k the other day which seems excessive to me, but I’ll be happy to take it, or anything close.

Ours is fully renovated now, and I’m painting, painting painting. Yesterday was ceilings which isn’t fun. I’ve gone with white which at the moment feels a bit like a psych room, but with some artwork and room styling it should look ok. Eventually.

The photographers come through on Tuesday so we’ve got to be finished.

The US Plan

The title of this blog should be an indication that we are overseas. Well we’re not there yet. The plan is for Hutch to do a Masters of Public Health at Harvard in 2013, and a fellowship at a Boston hospital the following year.

With two boys that will be starting school in the US,  a husband that can’t be too far from the hospital if he’s on call, and no one in the family who’ve actually been to Boston, I’m flying quite blind. I spent three hours online this morning looking at school districts in relation to hospitals, checking against their state performance ranking (as much as people may hate the myschool website here, its equivalent overseas is at least a starting point) and then trying to find somewhere to live. A few friends have got contacts there who I’ll get in touch with closer to the time, but at least now I’ve got a bit more of an idea where we want to be.

It’s going to cost us the same rent for a two-three bed apartment in Boston, that we pay for a three bed house in Melbourne. I truly hope the parks are good, we get cabin fever here far too often. Some places are listed now for occupancy in September, so this time next year I’ll be lodging applications!

I’ve narrowed it down to Brookline, an area east of the main Longwood Medical Area, which has JFK’s elementary school as an option for the kids. That’d be kinda cool.

Riding along

I rode to work today.

To save a bit of money, get some exercise and set an example for the kids. It’s lovely once I’m on the way, but getting out of the house without forgetting something is a challenge. Three kids, seven bags (yep the kids need two each for kinder) and a bike to push the 600 or so metres to kinder. It took about half an hour to walk to kinder and drop them off, with the dawdling and the whingeing from M to sit on the seat and hold onto me as we walked  – there’s a precedent I should never have set.

When I mentioned to Mum that I wanted to start riding she wasn’t happy; ‘ you have responsibilities’ was the response, but it’s a river trail 90% of the way so quite pleasant, so long as I stay out of the way of the professional riders who zoom so quickly past me. The 10k’s takes me about 45 minutes, I’m sure Hutch could actually run faster than that, but my bike is what I like to call an Amsterdam bike – build for comfort not speed.

Only thing I forgot was my lunch. Better than forgetting my undies.