The US Plan

The title of this blog should be an indication that we are overseas. Well we’re not there yet. The plan is for Hutch to do a Masters of Public Health at Harvard in 2013, and a fellowship at a Boston hospital the following year.

With two boys that will be starting school in the US,  a husband that can’t be too far from the hospital if he’s on call, and no one in the family who’ve actually been to Boston, I’m flying quite blind. I spent three hours online this morning looking at school districts in relation to hospitals, checking against their state performance ranking (as much as people may hate the myschool website here, its equivalent overseas is at least a starting point) and then trying to find somewhere to live. A few friends have got contacts there who I’ll get in touch with closer to the time, but at least now I’ve got a bit more of an idea where we want to be.

It’s going to cost us the same rent for a two-three bed apartment in Boston, that we pay for a three bed house in Melbourne. I truly hope the parks are good, we get cabin fever here far too often. Some places are listed now for occupancy in September, so this time next year I’ll be lodging applications!

I’ve narrowed it down to Brookline, an area east of the main Longwood Medical Area, which has JFK’s elementary school as an option for the kids. That’d be kinda cool.


One thought on “The US Plan

  1. I’m missing you already & you’re not even gone yet!!! Notably absent on Tuesday night, are you breaking us in gently??! xxxx ;p

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