This is not me. Far too happy.

To fund the US trip, we are selling the one bedroom flat I bought in my 20s. A and I had only been going out for a couple of months when I bought it and he slowly moved in.

After a summer with no TV to help him concentrate on his exams, (there’s a story for another post) it was too small for us to live in for much longer so we moved out.

It hasn’t been a great investment over the years but at least when we were living there we poured lots on the mortgage so now we’re selling at least the proceeds will help us get to the US.

I was raised in a house that was in a perpetual state of renovation, Dad was always doing bits in the shed on the weekend, and undertaking fairly major projects. I’ve decided that I really don’t get that satisfaction from doing major things myself. It takes a long time, I’m not very good at it, and juggling small kids, work and everything else, on occasion it’s been a bit overwhelming.

An apartment across the road with two bedrooms went for over $520k the other day which seems excessive to me, but I’ll be happy to take it, or anything close.

Ours is fully renovated now, and I’m painting, painting painting. Yesterday was ceilings which isn’t fun. I’ve gone with white which at the moment feels a bit like a psych room, but with some artwork and room styling it should look ok. Eventually.

The photographers come through on Tuesday so we’ve got to be finished.


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