There’s been a bit of hoo hah over the weekend after an interview with bloggers published by Fairfax had some serious factual errors. Blog land went a bit crazy. It was great to see the support for those wronged, but it kinda felt a bit like a gang I’m not part of. Obviously at this stage I’ve only written four posts and don’t claim or intend to be anything like in their league, but it confirms that niggling high school feeling of being slightly on the outer and being intimidated by those groups of friends who seem so solid. I’m a little intimidated to even comment on some of the blogs as they all seem so close.

I had a good circle of friends at high school but as a non blonde always felt a little offside, and never had a serious boyfriend. (God it sounds so petty now doesn’t it?) I see a couple of the girls occasionally but would be lucky to see them twice a year and we live in the same city. I was the only one of my friendship group who went to the uni I did, so I started again with friends but still felt not quite central. If you ask A what I was like, apparently a bit aloof but intriguing, which is a lovely way to say more of an observer than participator.

I think since then I’ve tried to include people and one of my energising things to do is to help others make connections – that introduction gives me such a buzz. I still have moments feeling left out, as I’m sure everyone does.

My intent for this blog is really to document our trip overseas, provide a place for our friends to keep up with our adventures and maybe share some other thoughts along the way. It’s not really intended to change the world. Perhaps I need to remember my own gang of friends is just enough for me.


2 thoughts on “Newbie

  1. Nothing wrong with being the observer. I felt the same way when in HS and college but… If you ask me, in the end, us observers are a lot more fun. Best wishes on your trip and I like your blog subtitle and the pic.

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