I’m on a rollercoaster

So the flat sold! Very happy with the price and am glad for the girl who bought it. We loved living there before we had kids, and hope she does too. Hutch has also passed his US exams so we’re getting through the list of things that need to be done before we go away. Just need for Hutch to finish the PhD and get into Harvard and we’re on the way.

After the high of the flat sale, the wintery germs found me and I ended up in bed for most of the week. My friends and family are unreal and helped out with the kids so I could sleep. I dragged myself out of the house on Thursday to get the boys from daycare and Mum stayed home with M. Nearly home and E says, ‘Mum, J at daycare put his hands down my pants and touched my private parts”.
“What??” I said and turned my head to look at him.
Crash went the car into the ute in front.
Not really what I had in mind that day.
Car has now been written off and we should get the money through in the next day or so. We are so not in the headspace for buying a new car, we were going to sell both when we leave so now we’ve got to decide on what will hold it’s value for 12 months before we go. I really liked my car, and am a bit sad to see it go. Thank goodness for mum who thought to empty it out entirely before the tow truck arrived. Thanks to the angel stranger Helen who saw it all happen and chatted to the boys while we waited for help.

I’ve decided this week’s lesson has been about money. After the flat sale and the payout we’ll be a bit flush for a minute or two. Are we happier? Not necessarily. Though I did get my hair coloured professionally for the first time in 4 years as an extra special treat. 🙂