New Found Friends

I’m really enjoying the kids at the moment, four and two are great. The three of them have settled in beautifully into the local daycare centre, M ran into her room the other day and the boys have made some lovely friends, one who lives across the road, and another who lives two blocks away.

We had one family over for dinner last night, the first of the next round of new friends. E was so excited he wanted to wait on the front porch for his buddy to arrive in the freezing cold, we managed to convince him to sit in the front bay window and watch from there. It was so easy, the boys played comfortably together and our guest switched easily from kicking the footy with E, to doing a puzzle with W. A quick meal of spaghetti and meatballs and a couple of bottles of red for the grown ups; it was all over in a couple of hours, and kids still in bed by 730.

I hope we can do it again, such a lovely family. I’m looking forward to these kinds of things, meeting new people from kinder to school and seeing the kind of friends the kids choose, they’ve done pretty well so far.


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