Tough Mudder

I’ve registered to do Tough Mudder at Phillip Island in January. It’s an extreme obstacle course run over about 18kms. Fire, Ice baths, log carrying, electric shocks are all part of the deal. They have a great marketing mind behind the whole thing. Now I love getting dirty, we used to camp as kids and loved the outdoorsy lifestyle, but I am intimidated by having to run so far. I’ve downloaded C25K onto my phone and went for my first run yesterday. Hadn’t figured out how to get the music playing so pretty much exercised for half an hour waiting for the voice in my ears to tell me what to do. It felt good I must say, heart was pumping but I wasn’t scared of running which I have been in the past.

Hutch is doing it with me, he did it this year and loved it, but is very fit so is really doing to to support me and help me finish. Some other friends have registered too, and I think it will be helpful to have them keep me honest when training needs to be done.

I just hope it’s not a 40 degree day, I don’t cope very well in the heat at all.


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