It’s really just like brushing your teeth….

I’ve decided exercising is really just like brushing your teeth. You do it, you don’t ‘enjoy’ it, but it’s something that needs to be done regularly. Now that I’ve let go of the expectation that I will enjoy running, I’ve also realised I need a bit of structure, and having a training program that tells me what to do, and when it needs to be completed, means I drag myself out into the 4 degree morning and actually run. I’m going to be running for twenty minutes straight by the end of this week, a daunting thought, as running for one minute a month or so ago was intimidating.

Hutch is always one step ahead of me, he’s talking about putting in some weight training sessions etc. I’ve told him I want to be able to run a full lap of our local park (about 2.2k) first, which I’ve never done, then I want to be able to do the 5k before weight training gets thrown in the mix. I’ve got six months before Tough Mudder, so plenty of time to get to the push ups.

As a teenager, I never completed the 1500m, our school made you run/walk the 800m, but the 1500m was optional. Why bother? I thought. I’m a netballer, not a long distance runner. After playing netball on and off for 20 years, and the dodgy ankles to prove it, I wasn’t sure my body would cope with this training. I’m pleased to say it’s my brain that’s struggled. I’ve figured out I need to play the music reasonably loud so I can’t hear myself panting, and that a song goes for about three minutes, so each ‘jog’ section is determined by songs, not minutes. Seems easier to focus that way.

I splurged on new gear too, so I look a bit like a try-hard. New sneakers (white with pink and grey) new socks, new fancy running pants and top from Lululemon (also pink and grey). It’s probably fairly obvious that I’m a newbie as it’s pretty shiny and new. I have restrained myself from wearing workout clothes on days when I’m not actually planning on running, but will confess it gets worn to swimming lessons, as I usually meet a friend afterwards to take turns childminding and running. 

Slowly slowly I’m getting there. And my work pants are loose.


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