All dressed up with somewhere to go

Hutch and I are not really races people. We’ve lived in this house for five years and we’re a ten minute walk from a major racetrack and we’ve never been to the races there. This year we were invited by one of Hutch’s colleagues to go to the Caulfield Cup, a fairly major race meeting that is part of the Spring Racing Carnival – a busy time of year in Melbourne. Spring Racing means getting all dressed up, hats for the ladies and suits for the men, a chance to have a few drinks and a day out feeling like a grown up.

I’m no fashionista so I recruited my friend Mel as my stylist. She’s brilliant at that sort of thing, and we trotted off to David Jones at Chadstone one Friday night to get an outfit. We managed to get a dress, belt and hat in less than 90 minutes, a brilliant result if you ask me. Hutch and I have a wedding next year that calls for a hat so this ensemble will get another run then.

On the day we farmed the kids off to godparents and grandparents who very kindly picked them up so Hutch and I could have a drink and not have to drive.

You know when you feel like you’ve made an effort and it’s paid off? I felt that way on the day. My clothes were comfortable, as were my shoes and we walked over to the racetrack ready to have some fun. I’d sent a text to a friend who loves the races so we followed his tips all day and came home with a bit of money in our pockets.

It was one of those things that I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to attend, but was so glad we did, lovely to spend time together and with others wanting to have a good time.

yes there is a big pile of washing on the bed behind me, that’s the usual state of play in our house.



To buy or not to buy

Our overseas plans are totally contingent on Hutch getting into Harvard. If we don’t go, he knows I’m very keen to buy a house next year. After selling the flat and having the money burning a slight hole in my pocket I’ve been looking around at what’s on offer. Realistically we can’t do both – buy a house and go away for two years without any income. I like to know what’s around and there are three houses in the street perpendicular to ours that are for auction in the next month or so. There’s only one I really like, it’s on a corner block, single storey, four bedrooms and is in need of a bit of love. The rough guide is $1.5million. Crazy money for a house with threadbare carpet and ancient kitchen, but unfortunately for us, the area we live in is popular. We can’t afford that one regardless of whether we go or not, but I’ll be at the auction nonetheless.

There is a house on our street that we think is going to be up for sale soon. That is one Hutch would be willing to buy. It has the right aspect, it’s just about the worst house in the street and a good-sized block. If we did buy it we could set it up for the time while we’re away and get stuck into renovations etc when we come back. Bad news is I don’t think we’re the only people interested in it. Will have to wait and see if anything happens soon, the longer they take, the better for us.


There’s a little over two months before Tough Mudder. Training was on the back seat for a while, but now daylight saving’s started and the days are warmer I’m getting back into it. A run on Saturday, boot camp on Sunday, another run yesterday. I decided to change the running strategy a bit, I could run for 30 minutes without stopping but it was a shuffle and felt quite inefficient, so I’ve gone back in the program and am now focussing on the running being at a decent stride length and building from there. Yesterday’s run was 5 minute kilometres (only for one or three minutes at a time) Faster than I expected but I felt like more of a runner. Will have to see if the mental weakness can be overcome by pushing through.

I know I’ll be the slowest in the team and just hope I don’t let them down.