To buy or not to buy

Our overseas plans are totally contingent on Hutch getting into Harvard. If we don’t go, he knows I’m very keen to buy a house next year. After selling the flat and having the money burning a slight hole in my pocket I’ve been looking around at what’s on offer. Realistically we can’t do both – buy a house and go away for two years without any income. I like to know what’s around and there are three houses in the street perpendicular to ours that are for auction in the next month or so. There’s only one I really like, it’s on a corner block, single storey, four bedrooms and is in need of a bit of love. The rough guide is $1.5million. Crazy money for a house with threadbare carpet and ancient kitchen, but unfortunately for us, the area we live in is popular. We can’t afford that one regardless of whether we go or not, but I’ll be at the auction nonetheless.

There is a house on our street that we think is going to be up for sale soon. That is one Hutch would be willing to buy. It has the right aspect, it’s just about the worst house in the street and a good-sized block. If we did buy it we could set it up for the time while we’re away and get stuck into renovations etc when we come back. Bad news is I don’t think we’re the only people interested in it. Will have to wait and see if anything happens soon, the longer they take, the better for us.


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