Bravery, four year old style

A couple of weeks ago we went to a local show. It’s an event we’ve been to a few times and to be honest I need to learn the lesson that it is not the place for us. Always too busy, I’m always on my own with three kids in a crowd, and we actually don’t do much other than climb the play equipment and wander around, something we can do anytime without all the hassle.

The excitement of seeing the rides and jumping castles when we arrived though had the kids bouncing up and down wanting to go on everything. I let them choose one ride each. W and M chose the chair swing. You know the one, little kids sit in the chair and it spins around and they lean back as it goes higher. Fairly friendly I’d say and they’ve done it before so I wasn’t too worried.

On they get. 

After about 10 seconds, M started crying and was desperate to get off. The carnie stopped the ride and I hoisted her over the barricade and it started up again. I stood consoling her and watching W as he went around and around. He wasn’t happy. I caught his eye and waved, and yelled ‘smile!’ which he tried to do, but as the ride continued all I could see was a scared little boy with a smile plastered on his face trying to hold back the tears.

My heart broke. He was being so brave and trying his hardest to hold it together even though he clearly hated it.

After a couple of minutes the ride was over and off he got, ran over to me and gave me a huge hug. ‘Are you ok?’ I asked. “I just didn’t like being on there without M.” He replied.

My poor brave boy. I was so proud of him doing something he didn’t like without causing a fuss, but knowing I was there at the end to make him feel better. I think we’ll be sticking to the jumping castles in the future.


So, where were we?

It’s been far too long since I wrote here, and so many things have happened. Here’s a quick recap.

Tough Mudder was amazing! Had such a great time, would happily do it again. Our team was the best you could hope for, eight committed people who wanted us all to finish regardless of how long it took. Unfortunately there was an injury around the 8k mark so we were slowed down to a walk, but we completed every obstacle and were very grateful for a soak in the spa that night at our accommodation. I love linking people up from our friendship group that don’t know each other, we had a lovely bbq last weekend with the team and with 5 little boys and 2 little girls running madly around the house, the adults actually got a chance to sit and converse.

Hutch is in to Harvard, Boston here we come! Very exciting and the kids are getting on board, though I don’t think they really understand much of what is going on. I must look into Tough Mudder in Boston, I haven’t been for a run since January…

March was hard. I knew it would be but it didn’t make things any easier. Finding a house in the US, settling on our new house and renting it out as well as adding the joy of getting a new mortgage and doing our taxes. Full on. I was exhausted and overwhelmed by the end, but it all worked out quite quickly thankfully. We’ve got a house in Boston (well Brookline actually) sorted, it’s a block from the local school. Did you know school starts at 8am over there?? Not happy Jan! Subzero temperatures and cajoling three small people to school in the dark will not be fun. Hutch will be able to walk to Harvard and I think the shops etc aren’t too far. Our land lady and I skyped a few times and she took me on a tour of the house via her lap top.Makes it so much easier these days than it used to be. I was up at 6am putting on make up to make a good impression, then rolled out some cute kids that were just getting out of bed. Anything to help our cause. It clearly paid off 🙂

The to do list is still extensive, but it feels a bit like a wedding, you know when you’ve got the dress and the reception sorted that you can breathe a bit? Now the accom is done we can relax for a month before we have to get stuck into the visas, passports etc. I’ve told Hutch repeatedly that there will need to be a hefty shopping budget allocated to our trip, when I said the other day I’m not packing any clothes with holes or stains he looked at me like I had two heads. I know he’s going to be a student, but I truly hope his packing won’t be full of stained track pants and holey work shirts.

We haven’t looked into flights yet, am tossing up whether we go to Legoland in California on the way there to break up the trip. I think the kids will need something to look forward to, that Aus – LA flight is so long and it’s only 5 or so hours from the west to the east coast so for all our sanity it might be the way to go. Might leave that until May to really start investigating.

Four months to go!