Bravery, four year old style

A couple of weeks ago we went to a local show. It’s an event we’ve been to a few times and to be honest I need to learn the lesson that it is not the place for us. Always too busy, I’m always on my own with three kids in a crowd, and we actually don’t do much other than climb the play equipment and wander around, something we can do anytime without all the hassle.

The excitement of seeing the rides and jumping castles when we arrived though had the kids bouncing up and down wanting to go on everything. I let them choose one ride each. W and M chose the chair swing. You know the one, little kids sit in the chair and it spins around and they lean back as it goes higher. Fairly friendly I’d say and they’ve done it before so I wasn’t too worried.

On they get. 

After about 10 seconds, M started crying and was desperate to get off. The carnie stopped the ride and I hoisted her over the barricade and it started up again. I stood consoling her and watching W as he went around and around. He wasn’t happy. I caught his eye and waved, and yelled ‘smile!’ which he tried to do, but as the ride continued all I could see was a scared little boy with a smile plastered on his face trying to hold back the tears.

My heart broke. He was being so brave and trying his hardest to hold it together even though he clearly hated it.

After a couple of minutes the ride was over and off he got, ran over to me and gave me a huge hug. ‘Are you ok?’ I asked. “I just didn’t like being on there without M.” He replied.

My poor brave boy. I was so proud of him doing something he didn’t like without causing a fuss, but knowing I was there at the end to make him feel better. I think we’ll be sticking to the jumping castles in the future.


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