They’re big boys now

Our gorgeous boys turned five today. It’s been a crazily busy weekend; parties, auskick, going to the footy yesterday along with the excitement every night counting down the sleeps until today. Turning five is fun.

I was lucky to have Friday with only one at home so got the cakes cooked, yesterday was for decorating and today was for the freshest of fairy bread. The prep has dragged out a bit but I think has meant less stress overall.

When I was growing up a big deal was made of birthday dinner. Mum would cook a delicious two course meal, anything we liked and we had a special red plate that the birthday person used. I built all this up with the boys and asked them what they wanted for their meal.

Jam sandwiches.

Oh and chocolate ice cream for W. I can’t complain that they’d given me extra work but was a little disappointed in their confidence of my cooking. E at least asked for chocolate mousse (of course Stephanie’s has the best recipe) so I did have to prepare something in advance.

The cakes turned out pretty well this year, W’s was easy, I hired a tin from cwcakes for $8 cos really how useful is it to buy a number 5 tin? E wanted the castle of darkness. Took ages but looked good and he was happy with it.

We outsourced the party for the first time this year and the hosts did a great job keeping 20 4-5 year olds entertained doing all sorts of sporty activities. Expensive, but the stress levels would have been way too high to have all those kids here.

I must say a huge benefit of twins is that it’s the effort of one party for two kids. A tired but happy Hutchie house tonight.




6 thoughts on “They’re big boys now

    • Don’t they? I must admit I’m not sad to have the baby stage behind us, especially as the boys are such good company and I’m looking forward to taking them overseas on our adventure. Hopefully they’re just old enough to remember some of it.

  1. Awesome. I LOVE the cakes! Steve and I are doing our inaugural annual cake-off this year. A cake each. Who will be victorious!? Haha can’t wait for June. Are the kids excited about the big adventure?

    • They are, as a vague concept. Hutch struggles to boil water (actually that’s not fair, he makes a mean cappuccino), so a bake off is out of the question for us!

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