Oh the joys of five

We have one son who is a boy who likes rules. He likes order and things to be done a certain way. He’s very good at lego and loves construction art, but is not likely to be seen in a costume or painting very often.

I’ve jokingly said to friends that he’ll be a good pro bono lawyer one day, he likes to argue and defend those he thinks need looking after. He is very loyal and very protective of his brother. I overheard the other day ‘if you’re friends with me you have to be friends with E too’.

He thinks in a very black and white way. He complains if we go a different way home that it’s wrong, he argues with the kinder teacher if he doesn’t agree with what she says and every single day I pick him up from kinder it’s the wrong time. Either too early or too late, totally depending on what activity he’s doing.

I worry that he’s going to struggle a bit in Boston, I had to explain that just because it’s different doesn’t make it wrong. The names of things are different over there, the kitchen bench is called the counter, they drive on the other side of the road. All that kind of stuff.

A big learning curve for him coming up I hope he can open his mind to explore how wonderful ‘different’ can be. I’m just so glad he’s got a brother that will be there along the way.



Racing ahead too fast

We’re starting to get into packing mode, my in-laws dropped off about 50 moving boxes that are now cluttering up the study. I’m slowly filling them, but I think subconsciously that until visas are approved and flights are booked I won’t change up a gear until the count down is less than a month. 

Because I’ve probably done all the research I can do into Boston for the moment, I’m now thinking about what our life will be like when we get home. We’ve got a couple of ideas but they’re in the very early stages. I keep wrestling with myself, do I follow one path that would take me in a direction I would never have considered that ties in with Hutch’s work, but one that I think I would be good at, or do I stick to what I know? A man is not a financial plan, but why pay someone to do something I can do? Do I undertake more study just in case I need it? How much work do I want to be doing when the boys start school? 

So many questions, and no answers in sight yet. But that’s ok, it will fall into place.