We leave next month!


1 July today, we leave in 6 weeks. Flights are booked, kids signed up for frequent flyers, Skycouch is booked. All the important things. The final piece of the puzzle is visas. I may have thrown a curve ball into that process, but fingers crossed it works out ok.

Oh and one small issue of a PhD to complete, but I am assured it’s on track.

We’re staying at the Legoland resort in California for a couple of days on the way and it looks amazing, I’m sure the kids’ minds will be blown by all the Lego everywhere, it’s W’s dream come true. I’m looking forward to some sunshine, time by the hotel pool (note to self, go to the beauticians before we leave, winter hairiness is very uncool) and lots of laughs. I’m hoping by breaking up the trip with some fun will make it all a more pleasant experience.

Because we’ll be on a budget once we’re in Boston, trying to decide the cheapest and easiest way to do some travel was initially concerning. Getting to Niagara Falls by train was going to take 22 hours and went via NYC. A bus was around $100 each and again through NYC. So thinking it would be even more expensive I looked at car hire. $300 for 4 days including three car seats. Easy! Now we have to decide where we go, Canada, Niagara Falls, NYC somewhere else. Hutch and I will be pros at driving on the right by the end of this trip.


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