Less than 20 days to go


We’ve spent the weekend surrounded by boxes. A very slow process of trying to sort everything into keep, chuck or charity piles. I know it will pay off when we come back that we’ve done this work now and I also know when we’re down to the last couple of hours that everything will be thrown into boxes to be dealt with later. I guess that’s how it goes.

Apart from the packing we’re pretty much done, just one last bit of paperwork to go.

We’ve been extremely lucky with our landlord, he’s lovely and has let us out of our lease early. We’re also very excited that friends are moving in to this house so when we come back they’ll still be in the street.

Hutch’s PhD is progressing well, all fingers are crossed it’s finished in the next week or so. He’s getting emails about subject selection and orientation activities; I must say they’re very slick with their communication and networking, which is what you’re paying for though aren’t you?

This time in three weeks we’ll be in Legoland! Must start getting excited. My mum is already getting bonus cuddles from the kids, but it’s so much better than when I went os in 1999, this time she can Skype whenever she wants to see me, or more importantly, them.


4 thoughts on “Less than 20 days to go

  1. Moving is never fun – what more moving overseas/interstate! I know the feeling of being surrounded by boxes, but it’s a good excuse to go through your stuff and categorise it all while packing! Good luck with the move.

  2. With a prospect of an international move vaguely on the table, I have been decluttering for about a year… It is a mammoth task… Good luck with the final couple of weeks… I can’t imagine the to do lists you must have!

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