Finding friends in the playground

I’ve read a few things online about the spectrum of ‘vert’ (I just invented a word – look out Oxford dictionary)! People used to be either an introvert or an extrovert and had personality types and expectations set on them accordingly. Now, you can be an introverted extrovert, or an extroverted introvert. It pretty much comes down to how you recharge your batteries, alone time or with other people. If I were to label myself I’d be an extroverted introvert. I love catching up with my friends, I talk a lot and I think that I’m fairly welcoming to new people to a group. I have a limit though. Too much socialising is hard for me, I need time out to read a book or spend time on my own to reset the balance.

You don’t get much time on your own when you’ve got three kids home all day and a husband studying. We spend a fair amount of the day at the playgrounds around here (pushing the swings is still tedious), the kids love to be outside and Meema is most definitely not shy and will play with anyone.

Knowing we need to meet people and actually putting yourself out there beyond just chatting feels a bit like dating. The asking for phone numbers, wondering if people want to see you again, making sure you’re polite, your breath doesn’t smell, all of that.

We’ve been really lucky so far to meet a couple of lovely friendly Irish mums who have similar aged kids, similar reasons for being here, and similar concerns about finding a tribe. So the baby step of making friends with other expats is going really well, the next challenge is to make friends with some local families too. The boys starting school today, so we’ve got a new families morning tomorrow so we’ll see who we meet then. I may have to have the afternoon in silence to be recharged enough to make the most of it.


5 thoughts on “Finding friends in the playground

  1. I was once told that making friends as an expat is like speed dating – you have to do everything in a very condensed timeframe. Then there is the other issue that I’ve found that sometimes the only thing you have in common with other expats is just that – being an expat and that’s not enough to base a friendship on. Tough when there is only a small number of expats around. Wishing you all the best to making some lovely friends. xx

  2. It can be daunting but at the same time exhilirating! We are finding ourselves firmly in the center of finding friends and I’m writing about it too. Totally fascinating (when it’s not lonely, that is) !

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