The song that lasts forever

A long long time ago before Hutch and I got together, one of the few things I wanted for my wedding was the song ‘Even when I’m sleeping’ by Leonardo’s Bride. It’s a beautiful song and one that I’ll never tire of. It didn’t make the final cut as we ended up having a flute trio so the song slipped off my radar for a good few years.

Before we came to the US, I used to have a day a week at home with Woo. With the childcare juggle it worked out that he and I would spend Fridays together and I really enjoyed his company. He’s very happy in his own space and we’d do the usual errands, he’d build some Lego and I’d get some work done.

Occasionally I’d throw the iPod on shuffle and one day this song came on. I asked Woo to dance with me, and for once he agreed. It was such a snapshot moment as I realised the love I had for this song and the potential it had to demonstrate that love for Hutch during our wedding, was even more applicable for the kids. Everyone knows that even after the hardest day, looking at sleeping babies makes it all worth while. Even though the lyrics refer to loving someone when I’m sleeping, they could easily apply to loving you when you’re asleep.

We played it tonight for Skets who was in a grump because Meema went to bed 2 minutes after him… It’s tough being 5, but for him a cuddle with someone he loves is enough to set him right.


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