Who gets the sleep in when you’re both hungover?

A couple of weeks ago we met a family with an Australian mum and a Spanish dad. She approached Hutch in the playground after seeing him kicking a footy with Skets. She’s lovely, and it turns out they live really close by, so we strolled to their place on Friday night for pizzas and wine. Three kids very similar in age to ours meant we only had to referee dramas a couple of times, other than that the grown ups happily chatted in the kitchen. I may have polished off the better part of a bottle of wine but in the new world of parenting, we were home by 9pm.

Unfortunately both Hutch and I woke up on Saturday feeling a little dusty and those are always the days when the kids are just a little annoying aren’t they?

We eventually left the house with the sole mission of getting a coffee from the only place that knows how to do a good latte, 4A coffee. Woo annoyingly has become fussier and fussier, food he would eat on arrival in the US are now off the list, he doesn’t like soft tacos, only hard, and he’s so determined he’d rather go without than even try something really plain. It’s quite frustrating as you know that within an hour he’ll be crying because he’s hungry, but he’s not to be negotiated with when he’s set his mind to something.

A bit of a wander further along the street took us to a TJ Maxx store, kind of a clearance place for last year’s fashion and some budget items. We spent about 20 minutes around the Halloween costume rack and finally decided on one and they had great fun trying it all out. I’ll post pics in October. School does a halloween dress up apparently and the neighbours have told me there are streets around here that people drive to because it’s so good. I still haven’t decided if I’ll dress up too, or just stay home and give out the lollies. Did you know toffee isn’t a word in the American vernacular? I made some for the school picnic a week ago and didn’t know what to call them, sticky candy? Taffy? Oh well they sold out 🙂


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