High heels, red lipstick and a glass of sangria

A beep on my phone from one of my Irish friends suggesting drinks on a Saturday night made me smile for about an hour. You know life is good when you feel like you’re settling in, not just observing like a tourist. Hutch decided to stay home and finish some homework so I could have a girls night.

I got dressed up in high heels and bright red lipstick, jammed the earbuds in my ear, cranked up Scissor Sisters and strutted my way to the T station. I’d left plenty of time to get there so I could have a sneaky trip to Sephora on the way in and it was well worth it. I bought a few things and of those that are stocked in Australia, I paid nearly $30 less. It’s crazy how much more  expensive makeup is back home and Sephora doesn’t ship internationally.

A lovely stroll to the spanish bar where we were all meeting was really rejuvenating, time on my own, good tunes in my ear and generally feeling more than a mother who screeches at her kids to stop fighting or to leave her alone.

A dodgy photo of the walk I took – iphones aren’t great at night time shots. It was about 18 degrees at 9pm, perfect. It didn’t even occur to me to take a selfie all dressed up, clearly I’m too old!


There ended up being about 15 people at the bar that I met, I was the only Australian in a crowd of Irish (what’s the collective noun for Irish I wonder?) and it was great fun. Drinks on a saturday night? I’ll do that again for sure.


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