Brookline Day

Last weekend I woke up to the sound of a major storm. Normally not an issue, but three boys had signed up for a fun run at 9am on Sunday. The event was being run at Larz Anderson Park, not easy to get to with public transport so I thought we’d catch a cab to get there, then the shuttle bus back home. We got ourselves organised, packing a change of clothes just in case. Our taxi driver ripped us off; turning back after a wrong turn and going quite a convoluted way. Annoying, but not the end of the world. We were dropped off at the wrong part of the park (our fault, not the driver’s) so had to walk quite quickly to get to the start line for the kids’ race.

I rushed to get the bib numbers but wasn’t quite fast enough and the starter’s gun went. Woo shot off, ready to race but Skets got stage fright and refused to run. Poor Hutch who was in the adults race after that, jogged with Meema, who was sure she should be competing too, and then raced off to catch up with Woo once I got to the start. Skets ran off into the trees, quite annoyed with himself I think, and by then Woo had disappeared around the bend. As soon as I saw them coming back I started cheering. A good friend of mine who competes in lots of fun runs has taught me how helpful a good cheer can be for the participants. I must say I was bursting with pride as Woo came down the hill, lots of yelling from me and Meema he came down with a big smile on his face. I gave him a big hug and told him how thrilled I was and how proud, and he went over to talk to Skets and ask why he didn’t join in. Skets was still grumpy so wanted to poke Woo with a stick, and Woo said, “Why didn’t you run? I came last and I don’t care I ran my best, even though I walked a little bit”. How cool can kids be?

We then got ready for Hutch’s race and got our ‘go daddy go’ cheer warmed up as he took off. The route was quite hilly but very picturesque apparently. While he’s was running, the kids got face painting and balloon hats – always fun.



I set myself up near the finish line, I must say it seemed strange that no one was cheering on the other racers, so I cheered everyone! Hutch came 10th in his age group, happy with that.

We then went to spend the rest of the afternoon at Brookline day, the local festival. The rain had cleared to a gloriously sunny day so we wandered around checking out all the stalls. Two new yoga studios are opening up in the next month so I’ve picked up some brochures from them, the usual police officers, food trucks and six amazing jumping castles all free.

The return shuttle wasn’t great, over 45 minutes late, but it was on an all American yellow school bus 🙂


Lovely day all round. And I only had to yell about 45 times.


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