Our village

Three months in and the Hutchies are in a good rhythm. Hutch does the school drop off, Meema and I catch up with friends and take advantage of the activities of our neighbourhood, and I eventually get around to vacumming the stairs. (Note to self, never put dark carpet on stairs, they are a nightmare to get clean.)

Slowly slowly we’re becoming part of the community. Margie is the local lollipop lady who looks out for all three kids every day and loves to hear what they’re up to. Hutch has found his favourite coffee place in all of Boston, and we visit it most weekends so we’re nearly at the stage when they know what we want before we order it.

Choosing not to have a car here has worked out well so far. The school is a three minute walk away, Hutch’s uni is a mile away and the supermarket delivery is top notch. We haven’t got to the depths of winter yet, so I’m not sure how Meema and I will go wandering/scooting the streets on icy footpaths but we’ll give it a go.

Saying that, I rented a car today to go across town to buy some Wilton’s food colouring. Of course my data allowance had run out so I had to figure out how to get there without a map. Total first world problem I know, but I was pretty proud of myself for getting there without getting lost. You see so much more of the town when you go somewhere new and as much as I love our local shops, we need to do a little more exploring. It was fantastic to get an afternoon kid free to check out AC Moore, an arts and crafts store that has an amazing range. I was thinking of my sister and cousin’s wife the whole time I was in there, Presh is right into crafting and quilting, MT is an amazing cake decorator and I could imagine her with an overflowing trolley. I’ve bought the first few Christmas pressies and some crafty activities for the kids to do when the snow keeps us stuck inside.

We’re hosting Thanksgiving in a couple of weeks, and with only one American guest I’m glad no one will have high expectations! I’ll do the turkey, and have already been on marthastewart.com looking up stuffing recipes, and I’ll allocate the rest to the guests. It’s pretty much a Christmas dinner without the presents isn’t it?


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