The luckiest

Lots of people told us we’d become closer as a family by going away and that has most definitely come true. Hutch is home a lot, to the point I try not to talk about it with our friends because they have husbands working 60+ hours a week and the burden on those at home is much worse than on me. Given he’s home so much, our household responsibilities have become more even, I’d go as far as to say he’s possibly doing more than I am these days. With no work, no volunteering and low school responsibilities I’ve been much more mentally relaxed, the constant to do list that we have in our real life doesn’t exist. We have no car to run and don’t even have to pay bills as our rent is all-inclusive.

I have a natural leaning towards laziness and I have to remind myself that as comfortable and stress free as life in Boston is, it isn’t a sustainable and that to be truly fulfilled we need to challenge ourselves, and push the comfort zone.

The money will of course run out eventually, and we’ll go back home to a big mortgage, school, childcare, work, study and all that involves.

But for now I say without any intention of gloating or smugness, that we are lucky to live a simple happy life and I will look back on this time with fondness.