Now we are six

The boys are six. Most definitely not babies, however small they look when playing soccer with the fourth graders, but not yet truly big boys. 

We saved their party date until the end of May so my parents could join the festivities and we could make it a little bit of a farewell party too. With my big plans for a carnival themed party with sack races and bean bag toss, it ended up being all about the food, cake and presents, and the chance for the kids to run around with a soccer ball. The boys were very spoilt, so many amazing presents I’m not sure how we’re going to fit them all in the suitcase on the way home. 

Mum and I spent most of Friday doing food prep, I wanted to make it an Aussie party; fairy bread, honey joys, sausage rolls. I made a big batch of traditional lemonade too which is unheard of here, it seems the powdered mix is the usual route taken, not sugar, lemons and water. I know how much sugar went into the menu, so it most definitely was party food, but I also know no chemicals or additives were in anything. Not a common occurrence here.
Hutch was in charge of cake decorating. The boys had decided a couple of days before what they wanted and all I’ll say is that fondant icing is the best. It may taste disgusting, but it makes cakes look ace.
Six years of challenges, laughter, tears and memories we’ve made. I’m so looking forward to the next six years, I have a feeling they will be the joy before the stresses and strains of teenagehood.




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