20+ things

Thanks to allconsuming for the inspiration of this post.

1. I’m thirty five.

2. I was born in Christchurch and moved to Melbourne when I was baby.

3. I still support the All Blacks (but the Melbourne Rebels are my home team), and the kiwi netball team.

4. I met Hutch at uni. He was 17, I was 18. We didn’t get together for seven years, I said he was too immature, really I just had to get the bad boy and some travel out of my system.

5. We’ve been married for six years.

6. We’ve got three kids, twin boys W and E, and Miss M.

7. I often feel my career has been one of waiting and sitting tight. Not sure if it will ever soar. I need to decide if I’m ok with that.

8. In order to make Hutch irresistable to future employers, we’re going to the USA for him to do a Masters and perhaps a fellowship (funds permitting – see point 9).

9. We’ll be going without any income. Or any guarantee of a job on our return.

10. I have over 30 cookbooks. I know for sure that there are some I’ve never cooked from. I often don’t have a clue what to cook for dinner.

11. I spend too much time on my iPad.

12. I struggle to finish things. Even in year 7 I did a cross stitch of a doll. It took hours and hours but I never finished her face.

13. I wonder if I take on too much and don’t actually deliver fully on anything.

14. I speak to my Mum and sister just about every day. It feels odd if I haven’t.

15. I expect more of people than I’m sometimes prepared to do or give myself. Then I have an internal battle to stop being so unfair.

16. I get a real buzz out of making introductions. Not necessarily romantically, just people who have something to offer each other.

17. I wanted to be a relocation consultant at one stage, helping people to set themselves up in a new place with schools, housing, that kind of stuff. I get a lot of satisfaction from making people’s lives a little bit easier.

18. I’m an insurance adviser. Yep, some say one step up from a real estate agent, but I know what I do gives people piece of mind. Took a while to convince Hutch how much insurance he needed 🙂

19. I’m excited about moving overseas. I think cold winters, Thanksgiving and a different country will be such fun.

20. I love to read. Will read most things, though have avoided Twilight etc as vampires really don’t do it for me, but devoured the Harry Potter series.

21. I’m left handed, so is Hutch, and E is left handed, M is right handed and W is still negotiating with himself which one he prefers.

22. I’m great in a crisis. This was tested recently and looking back at other times things have gone a bit pear shaped, I’m pretty good at keeping a level head and looking for solutions.


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