There’s a little over two months before Tough Mudder. Training was on the back seat for a while, but now daylight saving’s started and the days are warmer I’m getting back into it. A run on Saturday, boot camp on Sunday, another run yesterday. I decided to change the running strategy a bit, I could run for 30 minutes without stopping but it was a shuffle and felt quite inefficient, so I’ve gone back in the program and am now focussing on the running being at a decent stride length and building from there. Yesterday’s run was 5 minute kilometres (only for one or three minutes at a time) Faster than I expected but I felt like more of a runner. Will have to see if the mental weakness can be overcome by pushing through.

I know I’ll be the slowest in the team and just hope I don’t let them down.


The Myth of Sisyphus and the relentlessness of housework

My excuse for poor housekeeping is having three small kids, but in reality I’ve never been very tidy. I’ve married a man with similar standards so neither of us get particularly concerned if the dishes aren’t done every night. Growing up my sister and I had similar standards, but her husband is very tidy so she’s stepped up and we’ve pretty much stood still.

I had been asked to do a TV interview for The Project to talk about twins and triplets and the camera crew were coming to my house. Cue the frantic tidying on the morning of the interview. I figured not a lot of point doing it the day before as the kids would simply make more mess. Anyway, after attempting to get my hair in decent shape, review the questions and clean up, the kids were bribed with icy poles to stay outside. Interview was done at the kitchen table, with me trying to look relaxed but all instructions from the producer went out the window, so who knows how much will actually end up on air. It’s a weird feeling having a camera on you that you are not supposed to look at. The team then decided to film the kids jumping on the trampoline and all I could see were all the weeds that needed pulling and the cuttings behind the trellis.

It’s due to screen on Wednesday 3 October, so if I don’t look too terrible I’ll put a link up.

I gave my self a little lie-in the day after the shoot and was punished. I got up to find a complex train track with a new ‘pond’ created out of milk and muesli Only a litre or so of milk was used and half a pack of museli. The scrubbing of the track and floor less than 24 hours after a spotless house confirmed to me how futile housework is and how often I feel a little like Sisyphus. If you don’t know his story, Sisyphus was condemned by the Gods to push a boulder up a mountain, and it would roll back down the other side. His punishment was to keep pushing the rock uphill with no hope of actually achieving anything. Sounds like house work to me.

Skimming the surface

Do you ever have that feeling that you’re only just skimming the surface? At a work meeting this week I totally felt like my understanding of the discussion just wasn’t deep enough. It didn’t help that I’d left my glasses at home so I couldn’t see the screen clearly, but even so, my brain doesn’t seem capable of the next stretch of comprehension and analysis. It’s slightly worrying as it is supposed to be my area of specialty and while I understand the concepts, can apply them appropriately, that nitty gritty detail isn’t truly there.

I think part of it may be I’ve always been in the school of ‘near enough is good enough’ and have figured that was sufficient. Now with a busier life and less time to concentrate on any one thing, things take a lot longer to sink in, and a lot longer to get done and I don’t have the time to bury myself in one task.

My personality is fairly measured, no big fluctuations in joy or sorrow and I’ve never felt a burning passion for anything. I’m happy being ordinary and I think it’s important to realise that there are millions of ordinary people around just living their lives. Very few of us actually excel beyond that and I’m totally fine with it and will tell my kids that it’s ok to be middle of the road if that is your version of your best. 

I guess I should remind myself that with small kids and a busy life I’m not going to understand it all. Hopefully a bit of clarity will come with time. 

What things do you find you skim over?