Racing ahead too fast

We’re starting to get into packing mode, my in-laws dropped off about 50 moving boxes that are now cluttering up the study. I’m slowly filling them, but I think subconsciously that until visas are approved and flights are booked I won’t change up a gear until the count down is less than a month. 

Because I’ve probably done all the research I can do into Boston for the moment, I’m now thinking about what our life will be like when we get home. We’ve got a couple of ideas but they’re in the very early stages. I keep wrestling with myself, do I follow one path that would take me in a direction I would never have considered that ties in with Hutch’s work, but one that I think I would be good at, or do I stick to what I know? A man is not a financial plan, but why pay someone to do something I can do? Do I undertake more study just in case I need it? How much work do I want to be doing when the boys start school? 

So many questions, and no answers in sight yet. But that’s ok, it will fall into place. 


Riding along

I rode to work today.

To save a bit of money, get some exercise and set an example for the kids. It’s lovely once I’m on the way, but getting out of the house without forgetting something is a challenge. Three kids, seven bags (yep the kids need two each for kinder) and a bike to push the 600 or so metres to kinder. It took about half an hour to walk to kinder and drop them off, with the dawdling and the whingeing from M to sit on the seat and hold onto me as we walked  – there’s a precedent I should never have set.

When I mentioned to Mum that I wanted to start riding she wasn’t happy; ‘ you have responsibilities’ was the response, but it’s a river trail 90% of the way so quite pleasant, so long as I stay out of the way of the professional riders who zoom so quickly past me. The 10k’s takes me about 45 minutes, I’m sure Hutch could actually run faster than that, but my bike is what I like to call an Amsterdam bike – build for comfort not speed.

Only thing I forgot was my lunch. Better than forgetting my undies.